AACC Issues Statement on Outcome of Sudan Referendum

We welcome and salute the results of the self-determination referendum which was conducted from 9th – 16th January 2011. The results are a clear expression of the will and aspirations of the people of southern Sudan. The interim official results that have been released by the south Sudan Referendum Commission show a 99.57% vote for independence.

Many actors contributed to the resounding success of the referendum. In particular, the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) wishes to express sincere appreciation to the leadership of Sudan, President Gen. Omar al-Bashir and 1st Vice-President, and President of south Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir and the entire government and in particular the south Sudan Referendum Commission for diligently organizing the south Sudan Referendum despite daunting challenges.

We are impressed by the dignified manner in which the people of south Sudan conducted themselves throughout the week long referendum. We were encouraged by their character to demonstrate their sense of civic duty and the general atmosphere of peace, which prevailed. This happened despite the fact that the referendum come so soon after the presidential and general elections which were a challenge in themselves after many years without similar elections, and following a protracted civil war.

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