Act for Justice in an Uprooted World

Act for Justice in an Uprooted World

On Monday April 23rd, hundreds of faith advocates from across the country will be raising their voice on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. as part of the annual Ecumenical Advocacy Days conference. This year’s conference focuses on the “uprootedness” so many people experience in our nation and around the world. Millions are on the move each day in search of more secure and sustainable lives or displaced as a result of conflict, climate change, and corruption. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, reports that 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from home, 22.5 million of whom are refugees who have fled to other countries–the highest number in recorded history.

In such a time of upheaval, Congress must act humanely and responsibly to support the worlds uprooted peoples.

While some countries are stepping up to welcome and provide refuge for those in need, the U.S. has greatly reduced its refugee admittance numbers and, because of bad policy decisions, is currently not even on track to resettle those we have committed to assisting. We are not living up to our deepest values as a nation of immigrants that for so long has been a symbol of welcome and hope.

As people of faith, and members of the United Church of Christ – an immigrant welcoming denomination – we are called to offer hospitality to the immigrant and the sojourner, and believe that God is with the Dreamers, the refugees, the immigrants, the outcasts and all those struggling to overcome violence and poverty. As such, we are called to build a world and a nation that reflects these values.

Take action. Tell congress to implement just and compassionate immigration policies and address the root causes of migration.