Advocacy Action Alert: Tell Secretary Clinton to Persist for Peace

Advocacy Action Alert: Tell Secretary Clinton to Persist for Peace

Churches for Middle East Peace action alert

While we cannot confirm what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have said in private to Israeli authorities about the Levy Committee Report which, among other things, states there is no “occupation” by Israel of Palestinian Territories and recommends legalizing all existing settlements and outposts under Israeli law, we do know what she said publically.

“And to those who say the timing isn’t right,” Secretary Clinton said at her press conference yesterday, “the other side has to move first, or the trust just isn’t there, I say peace won’t wait and the responsibility falls on all of us to keep pressing forward.”

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” We also discussed,” she reported, “our commitment to bring about a comprehensive regional peace in the Middle East, peace among Israel, the Palestinian people, and Israel’s Arab neighbors. I’ve spoken many times about the forces of demography, technology, and ideology because I believe all three call for an urgent negotiated solution. And I’ve also been clear that it is only through negotiation, not through international venues or unilateral acts, that peace can be and will be secured.”

Secretary Clinton’s words and actions mean we, as people of faith seeking peace for all God’s children, we must be persistent in our calls for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace. We must encourage, even insist, on peace not in some distant future, but today.