Evangelical Presbyterian University College, Ghana

Evangelical Presbyterian University College, Ghana

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Volta Region, Ghana

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana is an established partner of Global Ministries, having been founded in the 1840’s by German missionaries. The denomination is one of Africa’s oldest self-governing churches and has strong roots in the Evangelical and Reformed tradition. The EP Church, Ghana includes approximately 600,000 members and 512 congregations. The EP Church, Ghana is very committed to its spirituality and social action ministries. Global Ministries supports the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana programs, especially in areas of education, social service, and capacity building.

Since its inception some 160 years ago in Ghana, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church has concerned itself with the provision of social services for the people of Ghana. The church has been engaged in areas such as the establishment of schools at the basic and secondary levels, the building of health facilities, establishment of agricultural institutions to provide food to feed the population, and providing hospitality facilities. These projects have been undertaken to embody the mission statement of the church: “Bringing light to where there is darkness.”

For a very long time now, the people of the Volta Region have been hoping for a university to be established in their region. In 1999, when the government of Ghana allowed private organizations and individuals to establish universities, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church decided to establish a university in the Volta Region, the Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC). It is recognized as the premier university of the Volta Region. Even though the institution has been spearheaded by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, it is intended to bring university education to the doorstep of the people of the Volta Region and Ghana as a whole.

The EPUC currently offers coursework in Business Administration and Pastoral Ministry and Church Management. They are hoping to add courses in Computer Science, Agriculture and Home Economics, Engineering, Medical Science, Law, Music and the Performing Arts, Modern Languages, and Graduate Studies in the next ten years.

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