Critical Presence Special Giving Opportunities in Africa

Critical Presence Special Giving Opportunities in Africa

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Critical Presence in Africa encompasses Health Ministries, Leadership Development, and Socio-Economic Empowerment.   Our partners engage in a holistic ministry in order to restore hope and dignity to communities.  Out of a legacy of colonization, the peoples of Africa are confronted by a number of challenges which include deteriorated infrastructure (i.e. schools, hospitals, roads, and farms), weak leadership, corruption, major health care issues, human rights violations, conflicts, and sheer poverty.  These challenges may seem overwhelming at times, but the church in Africa is at the forefront of addressing and meeting peoples’ needs.  Global Ministries is committed to working with our partners at their point of deepest need.  Your support is vital to support the critical presence areas of Health Ministries, Leadership Development, and Socio-Economic Empowerment.


Critical Presence in Africa means supporting Health Ministries.  Global Ministries partner churches and programs are deeply committed to addressing the health needs and concerns of the African people.  It has been estimated that up to 50 percent of the health services in sub-Saharan Africa are provided by the churches and their ministries in this field have tremendous impact.  The focus is on areas such as HIV/AIDS, childhood diseases, curative and preventative health, female reproductive health, emergency health care, and advocacy.  Providing these services is very costly and the HIV/AIDS pandemic has created an even greater strain on the already overburdened health care system; but the Church in Africa is steadfast in its commitment to the call to meet critical health needs.  Your support designated for Health Ministries in Africa is vital and enables our partners to continue and strengthen life-giving and life-affirming ministries!


Critical Presence in Africa means Leadership Development.  The shortage of trained leadership and the need for training and development of vital skills is a major concern in Africa.  Global Ministries partners are involved in educating, training, and developing their members and communities in many vital areas.  The list of programs and activities that the church is involved with in this arena is lengthy and extensive.  The most critical ministries include the following: theological education, leadership academies, training in peace making and conflict resolution, rural youth training projects, children’s ministries, prison ministries, empowerment of women, and academic and vocational training.  The impact of this work is immense.  People’s lives are changed.  They are equipped and prepared for ministry.  They learn skills to settle disputes peacefully.  They learn to support themselves and their families.  They learn their rights and how to advocate for themselves and others.  They experience the love of Christ and the fellowship of the community of faith.  Through your support designated for Leadership Development in Africa you are a part of making this happen!


Critical Presence in Africa means Socio-Economic Empowerment.  The work being carried out by Global Ministries partners on behalf of the socially and economically disadvantaged is phenomenal.  Their ministries in this area are diverse, innovative and inspiring.  These ministries include but are not limited to the following:

·    Working with displaced persons in countries such as Kenya and Namibia;

·    Assisting marginalized peoples such as the “batswa” in the Congo and the San in Namibia;

·    Caring for and providing training and education opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children;

·    Training and development of curriculum for prison ministries;

·    Meeting critical concerns such as food security and access to water in many drought stricken areas;

·    and Addressing the needs of women and children who are the most disadvantaged through programs such as gender empowerment, farm projects, micro-credit loans, ministry to street girls, educational ministries for women, specific HIV/AIDS ministries that target women, and many sustainability or income generating projects that partners would love to develop into macro-projects.

Your support designated for the Socio-Economic Empowerment in Africa improves lives and strengthens the witness and mission of the church!


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