Agape (Italy) International Camps and scholarships

Agape (Italy) International Camps and scholarships

The International Ecumenical Center Agape in Italy hosts international conferences every summer .  The World Student Christian Federation sends students to the center each year, and is hoping to have a good WSCF contingent this year as well.  The North American Region will contribute to a few scholarships for North American students. Please, read the information below and if interested send out an application form if you are in need of financial assistance.  You may contact the WSCF-North American office (by e-mail) to pursue this possibility.
The international camps this year are
“Fundamentalism of our Era”,  Political Camp,  August 1-18
“Tell me How you Believe” Theological Camp,  August 8-15
How to Mix Heads and Hands in Different Ways”   Work-Camp camp  August 16-21

Agape Ecumenical Center
Praly, Italy 

Deadline to apply for scholarship is May 15.


Agape provides scholarships for people who want to take part in the international camps at Agape. In particular we would like to offer scholarships to people from the Southern Hemisphere and Eastern Europe to
further their participation in our international camps. We can reimburse some travel expenses and fund the cost of staying at Agape. Regretfully, we are not able to meet every request for financial aid since the demand is greater than the funds that we have available. All applications will be considered carefully.

In particular, Agape appreciates applications from people who would like to take part in a camp and stay longer as a workcamp volunteer.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants according to the following criteria. It is very important that you refer to these points when completing theapplication. Priority will be given to applicants:

– who have never attended a camp at Agape
– who show interest in Agape’s activities and are motivated to come to Agape
– who are willing to participate in other Agape activities (2-4 weeks of workcamp, other international camp)
– who belong to a group that is already a part of Agape’s existing network or a group that wishes to build links with Agape
– who can provide a letter of support from an organisation (church, association etc.) which supports their application and participation in the camp
– whose expenses are in part covered by their organisation / local groups

– who will share their experience with other people once they return to their community
– who will stay in Agape also as volunteer in workcamp

In completing the scholarship application form, please tell us how much of your travel fare you will need reimbursed. We suggest that you apply for between 50% – 90% of travel costs and also the cost of staying at Agape. We also encourage you to apply within your organization for some financial assistance. This will help us to make camp scholarships available to a greater number of participants who need help.

1.Fill up the application form on the AGAPE website.
2.Send a support letter to:
by fax: (++39) 0121 80 76 90
or by email:

The application for 2010 must be submitted no later than May 15th.

We will let you know what is happening with your application as quickly as possible. Once you will receive the letter of accepting your application, please fill up the second format on our web-site: the definitive booking wich include all travel details. During May the office can also help participants find the most economical travel rates and send invitations and all the necessary documents for visas.

Travel costs will be reimbursed at the beginning of the camp in Euros (no dollars or other divise). We do not usually provide funding before the camp begins. Please arrive in Turin airport. Arriving at Milano Malpensa airport is suggested only if travel costs are significantly lower (plus than 80 Euros). Please check your application before leaving your country, and present all your travel receipts upon arrival at Agape. Without receipts you will receive no reiboursement. In case of eletronic ticktet please provide with a receipts the total ammount reiboursement you are requiring. Participants are expected to arrange their own travel to Agape. You should plan to arrive at the airport in the morning of the first day so that you will be able to arrive at Agape between 4 pm and 8 pm on the evening of the camp’s start date.

All scholarship recipients are expected to attend 100% of the camp/conference and join all activities. No late arrival is possible. You should plan to leave only on the last day of the camp, usually in the morning, unless you are staying on to volunteer for work camp. In case of late arrival or early leavng, scholarship reiboursement iwill not be released.

Please contact Agape if you need further information:
Tel. (++39) 0121-807514
Fax: (++39) 0121-807690