Al-Ahli Hospital sends Christmas greetings, reports on programs

Al-Ahli Hospital sends Christmas greetings, reports on programs

Dear friends,

As Christmas time is approaching and the year 2015 about to elapse, I want to seize this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love, support and prayers. Although the last war on Gaza finished over a year ago, Gaza and our ministry are still in dire need for them. Gaza is healing very slowly and our ministry at the Ahli Arab Hospital continues , with its meager means, to reach out to those who are still suffering physically ,psychologically and emotionally.

We feel that in the course of 2015 a lot was achieved and our mission was blessed, despite the endless pains and the various challenges encountered. In addition to Ahli regular health program for out and in-patient, we focused on 6 programs: psycho-social for women and children, breast screening and small scale interventions, general surgery, Burnt unit for children and underweight clinic.

Here is a glimpse of our work:

Since the start of the year, we have treated in the out and in-patient department more than 27000 patients : 16200 women, 3240 men and 8060 children. Ahli surgical team was able to perform 3000 surgical operations at Ahli operating theatre. We also were able to provide 2400 children and 1400 women with psychosocial support, we performed mammography on 1100 deprived women for early detection of Breast Cancer and provided 5000 women with self breast examination sessions and health education. More than 500 children with burns were treated at Ahli Burn Unit at an average of 5 sessions each, and about 600 underweight children were having treatment for 3 months each at our clinics.

During this advent, we urge you to remember Gaza in your prayers in the following ways:

  • When you reflect on the displacement of the Holy Family who fled to Egypt for protection (Matthew 2:13) , remember with us the people in Gaza, who have lost their homes as a result of the war and are still residing in temporary housing and camps.

Pray that this agony ends and that their homes is rehabilitated so that they are able to return and live safely in their homes

  • When you reflect on the birth of baby Jesus, remember the children of Gaza whom we serve primarily through our programmes, especially in the burnt unit, and underweight clinic surgery. Those who have suffered psychologically, emotionally as a result of the closure and the wars.

Pray for their healing and the healing of their families. Pray that the staff of AAH continue to provide the necessary support with the necessary resources for the fastest healing possible.

  • When you reflect on the visits by the angels, the Magi and the shepherds to baby Jesus, give thanks with us to all of the friends, partners, prayer worriers and supporters. All of those who came to stand by us when we needed it the most.
  • When you reflect on God’s infinite grace and reconciliation with humanity through the birth of Christ, remember to pray for peace and reconciliation between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Attached with this greeting letter (below) are Stories of Hope that our teams have compiled for you. I pray that you will feel encouraged through them!

I extend to you all my my best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a very happy new year!


Suhaila Tarazi