All Eyes on London: G-20 Summit

All Eyes on London: G-20 Summit

As President Obama participates in the G-20 summit in London, the World Bank projects that 53 million people will fall into poverty this year due to the global financial crisis.  The stakes are high. 

You can help make sure the call for Jubilee justice is heard during the G-20 meeting and in the critical few days that follow.


Letters to the editor are a great way to get out our message of the need for justice for the world’s poor. Pick an article and write 4-5 sentences in response. Check out Jubilee USA’s updated talking points for some ideas.

In the past week, Jubilee supporters have already placed several letters in newspapers across the country.  Check out some samples here – you can do it too!

Remember: NOW is the time to take action! With the G-20 meetings happening tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for articles and remember to look for what’s “missing from the story” (for example how the financial crisis threatens to send poor countries back into crippling debt).  A letter that responds to “what’s missing” or reacts to events covered in the story is more likely to be printed.