AMEU’s The Link: The Latest on the Suspected Murderers of Alex Odeh

AMEU’s The Link: The Latest on the Suspected Murderers of Alex Odeh

The Link, published on a bi-monthly basis, is Americans for Middle East Understanding’s primary education and information tool. More than 175 issues of The Link have followed since the first issue in 1968.

The Link archive constitutes a body of informed commentary, fact and anecdotal evidence that is all the more valuable for writers, researchers and historians because each issue (for the most part) covers only one subject.

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The July-August 1989 issue of The Link featured an interview with Ellen Nassab, sister of Alex Odeh, the slain Southern California Regional Coordinator of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). In that interview Ellen cited a LA Times article that named a member of the Jewish Defense League as a suspect in her brother’s murder.

A second Link in 2016 by Richard Habib cited a Washington Post article of Nov. 17, 1987 that referred to an FBI memo stating that “several key suspects in the [Odeh] investigation have fled to Israel.”

Who are these suspects? What are they doing in Israel? Why have they not been extradited to face trial in America? These are questions posed by David Sheen in this our third issue on a subject that, now 35 years after Alex’s assassination, cries out for justice.

David Sheen is an investigative journalist living in Israel. Since 2010, he has reported on racial conflict and religious extremism in Israel/Palestine, writing for dozens of local, regional and international news outlet. Since 2014, he has lectured on these topics at dozens of U.S universities and more than half a dozen European parliaments. In 2017, he was recognized for his reporting and named a “Human Rights Defender” by the Front Line Defenders.