Appeal of the Protestant Federation of France on the eve of the protests planned throughout France

For some years, the churches and works of the Protestant Federation of France have sounded the alarm bells denouncing the violence of the growing social injustice in the country. Inequalities are growing ever deeper with more and more people sinking into precariousness and misery.

giletsjaunes.jpgFor some years, churches and solidarity associations have been denouncing the damage of an increasingly unequal system. They can no longer repair the flaws of a society where too many people no longer find their place. Budget cuts first affect the poorest, and that is unbearable. All of this we have been saying for a long time.

However, violence is not the answer. It creates people who become victims, wounded, or dead, as well as considerable other damage. It's up to everyone to keep their cool. Speak anger, yes, but in non-violence and respect. Violence is contagious. Like a fire, once lit, it does not go out on its own.

On the eve of new protests planned throughout France, we call on the people and organizations involved in the current conflict to reject violence in the protests and to maintain order. It is up to each of us not to give in to violence whose fruits are bitter.

The Protestant Federation of France calls upon everyone to be calm and to respect people, like the pastor Martin Luther King and his non-violent struggle against inequality. The Protestant Federation of France calls on our rulers to promote a more just society where everyone can find the means to live with dignity.