Armenian Archbishop in Iraq visits Najaf

Armenian Archbishop in Iraq visits Najaf

Accompanied by Diocesan Council members Mr. Melkon Melkonian, Mr. Krikor Der Hagopian, and city council member from Basra Mr. Novak Bedrosian, the Primate of our Diocese—His Eminence Archbishop Avak Asadourian—visited the Holy city of Najaf on 15 – 16 April, 2015. There he taught people about the upcoming centenary of the Armenian Genocide and asked for the support of the Shi’a high ranking clergymen (Marjaiyaat) in convincing the Iraqi government to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

He also asked for support from marjaiyaat to allocate a quota to ensure Armenian representation in the Iraqi council of representatives.

Archbishop Asadourian also visited Al-Kufa University and presented a paper on the Armenian Genocide. He drew parallels between the great calamity and what is going on today in Iraq and the Middle East. He established the ideological and methodological link between those who are committing the atrocities of beheading, burning, displacing, and enslaving people today and between those who committed Genocide against the Armenians a century ago and erased Armenians from their ancestral lands where they’ve been living more than four thousand years.

Archbishop Asadourian presented the Armenians’ centenary moto to the people in Najaf. He affirmed that “I remember and demand” has a humanitarian appeal to man’s conscience that helps in preventing the recurrence of the beastly crime—Genocide.

The Armenian delegation thanked their hosts and the dignitaries they visited for organizing this important visit. They thanked Dr. Hassan Nadhim and Dr. Sa’ad Saloum especially for being righteous and supporting the humanitarian cause of spreading awareness about the Armenian Genocide.