As We Live and Confront this Global Crisis: A Reflection from the Institute for Intercultural Study and Research (INESIN) in Mexico

The God of Life became human to save lives. God becoming human is the fundamental postulate of the Christian religion and the paradigm of intervention from faith.  We can sum it up with the word “incarnation.” This means to share in each other’s skin, to live each other’s lives, to understand their reality and then, and only then, begin the search from there, the path to an exit.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta was, without a doubt, the living expression of what we understand of “incarnation.”  To accompany lepers, taking care, serving, saving lives, and not running away or hiding.

No one wants to die, and it is certain no one wants to be responsible for the death of others.  It seems these are the basis for the quarantine that separates us, that isolates us from all human coexistence, but that indeed also sets the conditions to ignore the needs of others.

Life is not easy for business owners, but it is much more difficult for the impoverished population.  We have a responsibility to this very sector of society. It is a moment where they are expecting our solidarity, our endeavor is to plant hope and help them continue with life, despite everything that threatens it.

The task is before us all.  The challenge will be to walk the fine line between the near and the far.  One thing is sure:  we cannot stop working. We exist as an institution for this very moment; this is why we are here.  Our contact will be a word of hope from a distance—a personal visit when it is necessary.  Support in kind, if required.

The Institute is dedicated to service and determined to honor that service.

We will uphold all the orders to prevent further contamination during this pandemic.  Yet, we want to tell our partners and our public that we are still here, encouraging each other on the path of life.

We invite each of you to create ways of accompanying the most vulnerable sectors in our contexts.

We thank you in advance for sharing these ideas with us.

With respect and affection,

 The Team of INESIN