YWCA of Palestine newsletter: Between the Hammer of Occupation/Colonialism and the Anvil of Patriarchy

This volume of our new electronic newsletter celebrates International Women’s Day. The theme this year is “Make it Happen”. The women in Palestine are making things happen in the fields of politics, science, and the arts. We have victories and set backs. Homes are still being demolished in Jerusalem and now flooded in Gaza. Rachel Corrie’s family was denied justice in Israel’s highest court. Yet women persist. They write plays, tell stories, and even operate spaceships. And due to international pressure, 14 year old Malak Al-Khatib has been released and Arab banned Israeli Haneen Zoabi will be allowed to run in upcoming elections.

Every day is Woman’s Day at the YWCA of Palestine but on March 8th we join with our sisters and brothers throughout the world to celebrate the achievements women have made this year in particular. To end the Occupation or to stop settler colonialism we will all need to act. Please pay particular attention to the last section Call to Act for things you can do.

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