Global Ministries Long Range Plan

Global Ministries Long Range Plan

The Common Global Ministries Board of the UCC in partnership with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) approved a new Long Range Plan to become effective in January 2013. The previous strategic plan endured over five years and concludes in December of this year. The new mission and vision statement was approved unanimously and includes strategic directions for the ministry. It emphasizes nurturing global communities, working for peace with justice worldwide, sharing the story of mission locally and developing resources for growing collaborative opportunities.  The board had undertaken a year-long process of assessment, focus groups with constituents, evaluation, gathering information. A committee made up of Board and staff members headed the process and crafted the document. Last Saturday, Nov 10, the Board worked to review the statement and add thoughts for implementation before the approval vote was taken.
A short video showing the plan in picture and music was premiered for local church use, and a commissioned hymn expressing the statement’s key words and phrases in lyric and song was sung for the first time following the approval. The staff of Global Ministries is tasked with determining the objectives for daily implementation of the strategic directions.

Long Range Plan Vision statement

Timeline of the Long Range Plan

Abundant Life Hymn

 Global Ministries Vision Plan Video