Caribbean Initiative People-to-People Pilgrimages

The Global Ministries’ People-to-People Pilgrimage Program encourages congregations to share and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ by learning about our global partners by meeting them face to face. You can Embrace the Spirit of the Caribbean Initiative by planning a pilgrimage for your congregation.

Below are the various countries of the Caribbean Initiative to give you an idea of what your pilgrimage could include with the varied components of a pilgrimage: solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ as they face the challenges of their particular locality, locating God in the multiple expressions of God in the places you visit, and listening to the stories of new friends to deepen your own faith.

Each of these countries has options to help you build your own pilgrimage by incorporating one or all of these components. Once you have determined your priorities, please fill out the Application for Pilgrimage and we will be in touch to help you move forward in your process.

The expenses of a pilgrimage to Latin America and the Caribbean range between $125 and $145 USD per person, per day, not including airfare. This amount covers lodging, transportation within the country, meals, and translation services. The amount varies depending on the activities, projects, length of visit and number of participants.

To learn more about these and other opportunities visit the People-to-People Pilgrimage page



The Christian Centre for Justice, Peace and Nonviolent Action (Justapaz) seeks to embody and serve non-violence through programs working towards transforming Colombia into a just and peaceful state.

The Council of Evangelical Churches of Colombia (CEDECOL) offers relief and hope to the victims of Colombia's situation of violence and upheaval. It works in areas of human rights, peace, women’s rights and much more. Two significant programs of CEDECOL are the Women's Network and the Peace Commission.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Visit JUSTAPAZ – a Mennonite Center for Justice, Peace, and Nonviolent Action.
  • Visit Soacha—a hub for persons fleeing violence. The visit will be to church-based ministries providing outreach and advocacy.
  • Pilgrimage as Locating God:
  • Participate in worship services with partners
  • Experience a home stay with people from the community

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Meet with leaders of the Peace Commission of CEDECOL. This organization seeks to build peace and work for human rights in the midst of armed and unarmed conflict.
  • Meet with a presenter from the Latin American Popular Education Center to hear about the political situation in Colombia.

"I went through enormous change during this trip, some of it I will recount to my church, some of it I will keep to myself, and all of it will change my relationship with everything around me." -Amelia

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center provides an education in critical, liberating and contextual theology. They give hope by organizing social participation with the testimony of service and with an emancipatory Christian inspiration. They give substance to their commitment by ministering with the Cuban people and actively striving for social justice.

The Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba is driven by the spirit of evangelism in the changing religious climate of Cuba, and works to provide the tools for leadership and education in the forming churches in Cuba.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Participate with partners in programs with women, children, youth and elderly projects.
  • Witness the ministries alive at Evangelical Theological Seminary.
  • Participate with partners engaged in Food Justice programs.
  • Art and Rehabilitation with vulnerable people.
  • Visit the Latin American Medicine School.

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Worship in congregations.
  • Participate in home visit with a local pastor.
  • Experience traditional Cuban music.
  • Tour Old Havana
  • Visit the Plaza and Museum of the Revolution.

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Meet with the leadership of our partners.
  • Meet with pastors from local churches.
  • Meet with women’s empowerment groups.

"What we learned is that sharing ‘praise’ that comes from the pure of heart is truly a gift. While the words and the sharing differ across our communities, the essence is the same." -Jen

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*Cuba has strict visa requirements and trips may require additional planning time and consultations




Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana has a passion for evangelism, starting new churches, and Christian education. They are also active in medical outreach and clean water projects. Much of their medical outreach has included care for the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic and they provide assistance for medical care, documentation, and new mothers.

Proyecto Caminante, meaning "One Who Walks the Path," is a grass roots organization made up of people who have first-hand knowledge of the struggles that face the children and youth in their community. Caminante provides a safe space where hundreds of youth and their families receive counseling and participate in recreation and formation programs. Additionally, in coordination with local government and non-governmental agencies, victims of sexual abuse and exploitation are receiving special attention and services.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Visit Coconut Jewelry and La Casona Store—featuring items made by the youth of Caminante.
  • Niñ@s Trabajadores (Kids at Work) activity and community visit.
  • Visit projects for children and youth in rural communities

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Worship in local churches.
  • Visit local beaches in Boca Chica
  • Visit the Museum of the Royal Houses
  • Tour the historic Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Meet the staff at Caminante to discuss the issues in Boca Chica affecting children and youth.
  • Meet with leaders from CECAF, SSID, ALFALIT in Santo Domingo and learn about their life-giving ministries.

"I’m extremely lucky to have been part of such an amazing mission trip. It has changed my faith in God in ways that you could only understand if you have your own journey." -Danielle

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House of Hope is a program of the Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice for children laboring as domestic servants (“restaveks”), and also assists young mothers, single girls, and elderly women who have been abandoned, by providing them with a safe place where they can learn social skills such as conflict resolution and a professional trade. House of Hope also has a broader program to promote peaceful resolution of conflict within the community through leadership development for community leaders and former gang members.

The vision at CONASPEH (National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches) is to eliminate the racial, state and religious exclusion of which member churches have been victims and to promote religious, economic, social, moral and intellectual development in the country. Their goal is to stand in solidarity with their churches, theologically, structurally, intellectually, and financially. As part of their focus on education, CONASPEH has a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, technical school, nursing school, university, and theological school.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Participate with partners involved in programs for children and youth.
  • Meet with Demetress Foundation’s students and join in activities.
  • Visit the Central Plains Seminary.

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Visit local artisans such as Rebuild Globally and Metal Works in Croix des Bouquets.
  • Visit the local beaches.
  • Visit National Haitian Museum to learn about the country’s history.
  • Worship with local congregations.

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Experience keynote speakers from various congregations/organizations such as Kenscoff Church Orphanage, Baptist Mission and Boutilliers, Cité Soleil Church.
  • Understand the mission and context of our partners CONASPEH and House of Hope.

"We all have felt the Spirit at work today in our interactions with the Bishops and leaders at Conaspeh and the children and teachers in the school. The Holy Spirit seemed to be at work among the bishops as we engaged in a lively session of learning and sharing our understanding of scripture and Faith." -Allisonville Christian Church

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One of the six priority initiatives of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI) is to promote good family and community values among Jamaican youth. Implementation of this initiative is lived out through the annual summer camps hosted by the church.

The Mont Olivet Boys Home provides residential and social services for boys 8 - 18 years of age who are orphaned, abandoned, homeless, or reside with families who cannot adequately provide for their care. The home provides these young men with education, recreation, employment training, and worship opportunities to help in their development toward being able to contribute to the well-being of their communities and their families as they approach adulthood.

The Pringle Home for Children has been caring for boys and girls for over 70 years. Children come to Pringle Home from situations of neglect and abuse, most having no family reference. The Pringle Home provides assistance for these abandoned, orphaned, and street children. Some of the services offered are education, recreation, employment training, and worship services. Bo

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Participate with partners involved in children and youth projects/summer camp.
  • Work with medical, health, and dental missions with Jamaica Partners.

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Participate in local worship services.
  • Tour Kingston.
  • Visit the local beaches.

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Understand the mission and context of our partners The Mount Olivet Boys Home and The Pringle Home for Children.

"Our group concludes each night reflecting back over the day through the lenses of mind, heart, and soul. These young people touched us in all three ways! It was impressive to see such a beautiful ministry where so many young children and young adults are taken care of." -ACC 

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The mission of the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico (SEPR) is to contribute to the integral formation of men and women to serve in Christian ministry, and participate in the mission of the people of God in Puerto Rico and the Americas. Its mission is to accompany the student community for development and for spiritual, personal, social, academic and professional growth, and to identify and respond to the needs of continuing education for graduates and cooperating churches.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Puerto Rico proclaims the message of the gospel for the change and transformation of society. The Church exists to accompany and model a lifestyle that encourages communities to reach its aspirations and ideals.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Witness the ministries and learn about the programs at SEPR.
  • Participate with partners involved with children and youth.
  • Participate in medical work with Ryder Hospital.

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Worship with local congregations.
  • Tour of Old San Juan and other towns.
  • Explore stunning caves and sunny beaches.

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Meet with pastors from local churches to learn about their witness in their communities.
  • Meet with leadership from our partners.

“We did not come back the same people. Our eyes, ears, and hearts have been opened. My prayer for all of us is that we remain open, closely listening to God’s call and able to spread God’s love by loving in truth and action.” -Allison



The Evangelical Pentecostal Union of Venezuela (UEPV) is recognized, not only as a progressive Pentecostal denomination in Venezuela and in Latin America, but as an agent of transformation actively involved in promoting justice, peace, and reconciliation in marginalized and poor communities.

Pilgrimage as Solidarity:

  • Participate in peacebuilding activities with marginalized communities.
  • Witness the different literacy and health care ministries of the UEPV.
  • Participate with partners in programs with women, children, and youth.

Pilgrimage as Locating God:

  • Worship with local congregations.
  • Learn about Venezuela’s culture and history through cultural visits and sightseeing.

Pilgrimage as Listening:

  • Meet with pastors from local churches.
  • Meet with leadership from UEPV.

This trip has not been about getting our hands dirty. This trip has been a deep cultural immersion… a time where we have asked ourselves hard questions, not seeking easy answers.” -Christy 

*Venezuela has strict visa requirements and trips may require additional planning time and consultations