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Forging a Common Ground for Social Justice, is an on-line resource aimed at transforming harmful stereotypes about Muslims that persist in society.  Inspired by a new major report entitled, Changing Course: A New Direction for U.S. Relations with the Muslim World, we hope to change the narrative we carry of each other, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

At, you will find on-line tools for educators, religious leaders and ordinary citizens to get involved!

Meet Your Neighbor: Watch videos of Muslims living in America telling their stories, see a map of Muslims around the world, and find opportunities for exchange programs or interfaith dialogues.

Change the Story: Learn about Islam and all its diversity, the history of Muslims in the US, past and current US foreign policy decisions affecting the Muslim world and other myth-busting information.  

Change the World: Read recommendations from the report, find advocacy tools, service projects and opportunities for you to host discussions in your local setting.

Please note: if at any time you are unable to view the intro video or any of the video’s on the site, please check to make sure you have turned off your pop-up blocker.

Meet your Neighbor, Change the Story and Change the World! has been developed in cooperation and consultation with staff leadership of the U.S.-Muslim Engagement project of Search for Common Ground and the Consensus Building Institute.  Intersections is responsible for all content on this website.