Child and Elder Sponsorship Centers


Through your support, the Global Ministries Child and Elder Sponsorship Program partners with agencies and churches all over the world to provide services that create opportunities and affirm dignity. For more information on how you can get involved, go to Child and Elder Sponsorship Program page.

Below, the descriptions of Child Sponsorship and Elder Sponsorship Centers tell you more about the services at that center and the cost for sponsorship.

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Child Sponsorship Centers


Lephoi Centre for Learners with Visual Impairment (Botswana)
Lephoi Centre is a residential hostel in Francistown, Botswana for approximately 50 children. Visually impaired children receive primary education, vocational skills, and life and health education training. They attend outings and educational tours while in a nurturing and loving environment. Music is a valued tool to help the children learn and improve their hearing skills. The children are integrated as far along as possible with other children at the same education level and they are inspired to believe that their “disability is not an inability.”
Sponsorship: $30 per month

United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe's Children's Program (Zimbabwe)
The Children’s Program is a church-based project throughout Zimbabwe. Children living with their families are provided financial assistance for school fees and other needs. Orphans living at the Daisy Dube Home on the campus of Mt. Selinda Mission Station are provided housing, education, healthcare and other needs.
Sponsorship: $30 per month


Dumaguete Kalauman Center for Development (Philippines)
This center is a community-based program in Dumaguete City, Philippines serving children who live with their parents or other close relatives who are under or unemployed. The children participate in church classes, Vacation Bible School, camp, literacy programs, field trips, and cultural activities. The program’s activities encourage children to grow as a whole person: mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.
Sponsorship: $35 per month


House of Hope (Haiti)
A community service program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, House of Hope provides food, shelter, clothing and education for children. The program serves boys and girls between 5 and 18 years old who labor as domestic servants (restaveks). It is a safe place where the children also learn social skills and a professional trade. House of Hope is sponsored by the Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice, a non-profit ecumenical Christian Agency in Haiti.
Sponsorship: $30 per month

Mount Olivet Boys’ Home (Jamaica)
Mount Olivet is a residential home for boys located in Walderston, Manchester, Jamaica, and operated by the United Church of Christ in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It is a home for boys between the ages of 6 and 18 years old who are in need of care and protection. The home is a refuge to promote healing in a positive living environment for post-institutional children. Services include schooling, medical and mental healthcare, recreational, social and spiritual development. The boys are referred to Mount Olivet by the government’s Child Development Agency.
Sponsorship: $30 per month

Pringle Home for Children (Jamaica)
This residential home for girls in the hills of Carron Hall, St. Mary’s, Jamaica is operated by the United Church of Christ in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Pringle Home is a safe haven for girls who have been abandoned or abused emotionally, sexually, and physically. Services include schooling, employment training, recreation, life skills, behavioral management, conflict resolution training and devotions. Counseling is provided to willing family members as girls prepare to leave the home, enabling the girls to return home and contribute to their communities. The girls are referred to Pringle Home by the government’s Child Development Agency.
Sponsorship: $30 per month


Armenian Missionary Association of America (Armenia)
This program serves more than 2,800 at risk and marginalized orphans and children of Armenian and Karabakh families. The families are provided basic medical, educational and job training assistance. Necessities such as food, clothing and fuel in the winter are supplied for families. This Christian agency is committed to improving the social and financial conditions of the people of Armenia.
Sponsorship: $30 per month

Rawdat El-Zuhur School (East Jerusalem)
Rawdat El-Zuhur is a co-ed elementary school in East Jerusalem that serves lower income Palestinian children from kindergarten to sixth grade. The school provides equitable opportunities for children and nurtures their relationship with society. Both Christianity and Islam are taught. Classes include reading, research, computer technology, music, arts and sports.
Sponsorship: $30 per month


Family Village Farm (Pannai) (India)
The Family Village Farm’s mission is to improve the conditions of the young and the aged in Vellore, India in life-sustaining ways. Children are provided food, clothing, shelter, love, discipline and training. In a home-like setting, the children find their identity, dignity and self-worth.
Sponsorship: $35 per month

King’s Matriculation Day School (India)
King’s Matriculation School is on the campus of the Family Village Farm (Pannai). The children are residents of Pannai and more than 32 surrounding villages. Education provides the opportunity for a better future, but many of the non-residential children come from families who cannot afford to pay tuition. Your sponsorship keeps the children in school and provides them with one hot meal a day during the school year.
Sponsorship: $25 per month

Sonada Refugee Camp (India)
Sonada Refugee Camp is home to more than 500 Tibetan refugees. The children’s programs address the socio-economic conditions and offers basic provisions and education. Activities include crop and dairy farming.
Sponsorship: $30 per month

Tibetan Children’s Village (India)
A children’s residential home located in Dharamsala, India, Tibetan Children’s Village provides assistance to children at the Bylakuppe village. The more than 12,000 Tibetan refugee children among the villages receive technical, dairy farming and handicraft training. Education includes teaching the Tibetan language, culture, science, arts, counseling and computer technology.
Sponsorship: $35 per month

Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre (India)
More than 650 Tibetans live in a cohesive and productive community at the Tibetan Refugee Self- Help Centre in Dharamsala, India. This rehabilitation organization trains adults in handicraft arts to support their families, while children are provided free education in both Hindu and English, textbooks and school supplies.
Sponsorship: $30 per month 


Elder Sponsorship Centers

Elders at the Family Village Farm (India)
The community of the Family Village Farm in Vellore, India includes elders who have no place to live and no income. The elders are part of “cottages” where three generations are a family unit. They act as grandparents providing wisdom, guidance and, most importantly, a nurturing figure in the lives of the children. The elders receive meals, medical care, shelter and a small stipend for their role in the cottage. Their spiritual needs are met by regular prayer meetings and worship time.
Sponsorship: $35 per month

Elders at the Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre (India)
The elders at the Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre in Dharmasala, India have all lived and worked at the Centre as adults. The Centre is home for more than 650 Tibetans, and many have lived there all of their lives. Some elders are frail or sick and have no family to care for them. Your sponsorship will provide food, shelter, care and hope to aging elders.
Sponsorship: $30 per month

Elders at the Ajyal Senior Care Program (Bethlehem, Palestine)
The elders at the Ajyal Senior Care program receive basic health care and ways to enrich their lives through music, drama, and social support activities.&nbsp
Sponsorship: $35 per month

Child and Elder Sponsorship Program
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