China Earthquake: Correspondence between Global Ministries and partners in China

China Earthquake: Correspondence between Global Ministries and partners in China

From the Global Ministries to partners in China:

May 30, 2008

Presbyter Xianwei Fu
Chairman, National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches in China

Rev. Feng Gao
President, China Christian Council

Dear Presbyter Xianwei Fu and Rev. Feng Gao,

We send this letter with great sadness over the latest earthquake tragedy to hit the homeland of China.  The loss of our Chinese brothers and sisters reminds us how each life is so fragile and precious. Over the next several weeks and months, we will continue to pray for your ministries and for the loved ones left behind in the wake of this heartbreaking disaster.

The Week of Compassion (WOC) of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) of the United Church of Christ have donated monies through the Amity Foundation to aid in the remarkable efforts made by Amity. Your request for additional assistance has been heard and we are reviewing the information with WOC and OGHS executives. Our joint response  will be forth-coming.

In addition, a sum of $7,000.00 USD was sent directly to the Sichuan Christian Council for church rebuilding. We continue fund-raising works nationally and will carry on these efforts as long as necessary.

In times such as these, we often ask ourselves why misfortune and catastrophes happen to so many innocents.  We cannot know this answer. Only that we are all God’s children and each of us plays a part in a larger existence. An existence where through acts of kindness and moments of humanity and humility we are granted a glimpse of God’s true grace blessed within each of us.  Even in hardship and pain, through reverence of faith and belonging to this larger picture, we find our connection and love for a stranger in-need.

We will continue to keep you and all partners in this region in our hearts and in our prayers. We thank you for your partnership, and may God bless you in all your work.

In Christ’s Peace,

Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte
Executive Minister
Wider Church Ministries
United Church of Christ  

Rev. David Vargas 
Executive Minister  
Division of Overseas Ministries 
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Xiaoling Zhu
Area Executive, East Asia Pacific
Common Global Ministries

Cc: Susan Sanders, OGHS | Johnny Wray, WOC

Response from partners in China to Global Ministries:

June 2,2008

Dear friends,

With great sorrow for the earthquake in Sichuan Province that caused more than 60 thousand people losing their lives, hundreds and thousands people getting hurt and numerous houses, schools, buildings being damaged, we received your heartfelt condolences and sympathy through your letter. It was not only your concern but also the love from the Lord Jesus Christ that you brought to us. We appreciate it very much and thank you for the sorrows you have shared with us at this very moment.

As Chinese people rising to take part in rescue and relief work with great efforts these days, our Christians stand firmly with them. We are praying constantly for both the affected people and the rescue work there. The Christians all over the country offer donations, hold special prayer meetings or other activities to express their love and provide help to the disaster-stricken areas. We are sure that by the continuing efforts, the Chinese people will overcome those huge difficulties and sufferings soon, to recover from damage and rebuild a better place for the people who are going through the disaster.

We thank you again for the love and the encouragement you have sent us. We feel much stronger with the spirit of solidarity in Jesus Christ as well as within our compatriots.

May God bless you and your ministry!

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Gao Feng

Elder Fu Xianwei

China Christian Council

The National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church in China