Christian Hospital Mungeli changes lives

Christian Hospital Mungeli changes lives

At morning rounds, we find the maternity ward almost full with 19 awaiting delivery and 2 mothers in recovery. The nursery has 6 infants receiving special care due to premature deliveries and 1 infant who was transferred from another hospital because we are skilled to care for infants with Downs Syndrome. We are grateful that more and more women choose to deliver in our hospital, but we still receive a number who have had complications with home delivery, the village mid-wife, or the government hospital.

As our role grows for safe, reliable, delivery of babies and excellent pre and post-partum care, we hope to have fewer emergency caesarean deliveries.  Our reputation as a hospital where “best practices” equals better care continues to spread. This is evidenced by the very long distances expectant mothers and chronically ill patients travel in order to receive care at Christian Hospital Mungeli (CHM).  Here are a few of those stories:

Geeta arrived barely clinging to life, after suffering a ruptured uterus.  Her family drove her more than 45 miles over difficult rural roads passing other medical centers on the way. With the assistance of our highly skilled OB/GYN we were able to deliver a baby boy.  He is in the nursery, still in danger but we hope he will make it.

Our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Deeptiman James (DJ) continues to conduct difficult and delicate surgeries.  When DJ is not performing these lengthy procedures, he plays the role of resident gourmet chef for the Guest House and treats guests to such amazing creations like chocolate mousse, a very rare treat. 

Rebecca Herr, a Global Ministries short term volunteer and long-time friend, arrived in India several weeks ago.  She is a nurse practitioner in America and a member of a UCC church in New Hampshire.  Rebecca has been coming to India for 15 years and is here for her seventh visit to teach cardiovascular nursing to our 3rd year nursing students. She was also the honored guest at the recent graduation of our third class of nurses.  

Rev. Landa Simmons also visited the nursing school (Rambo School) this year.  She is a member of Olive Branch Christian Church in Toano, VA (near Williamsburg) and loves to visit the hospital campus. She can often be found sharing rare chocolate treats she brings with her to Mungeli.  Landa also brings us into the online world with our Facebook presences for Christian Hospital Mungeli. We hope you “like” us!

The Rambo Committee, Inc. (chaired by Landa) has supported the mission of the hospital for over ninety years and was named for Dr. Victor Rambo who served the hospital from 1927 to 1947. Dr. Rambo’s classmates, upon graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, donated funds to support his work in India. There is a wonderful documentary about the hospital thanks to Landa’s cousin, a documentary filmmaker. The film is located on our new award winning website created by Hannah Minson for CHM.

This month marks a new beginning for our school. Four medical students arrived, two Danish from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and two 4th year American students from the new Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine (VTCSOM) in Roanoke, VA. The Americans are the first students to participate in a newly established International Medical Rotation program at VTCSOM. It will be a real honor to be the Founding Dean and special guests at the first graduation of these medical students from VTCSOM.

This work is possible because of your generous donations to One Great Hour of Sharing. The students, expectant mothers, infants in care, and those coming to CHM are blessed by your faithful support. Thank you!