Churches for Middle East Peace makes Advent resources available

Churches for Middle East Peace makes Advent resources available

Churches for Middle East Peace makes Advent resources available

Advent is a time of waiting, not sitting back waiting, but a time of anticipating and preparing for what is coming. This season we are all like Mary, waiting for the fulfillment of hope, the coming of God incarnate. And like Mary and Joseph we are sitting idly by, we have things to do.

We hope that these selections of Scripture, reflections by members of CMEP’s Board of Directors and staff, prayers and questions for meditation will help you not only center on the promise and hope of Christ’s birth, but also on our shared work and hope for peace in the Middle East. With the connection between our faith and this part of God’s creation so intertwined it is important that we acknowledge and celebrate our call to this work for peace that is rooted in our faith.

This resource was written for both personal and congregation use. For this reason CMEP is making these reflections available to you prior to Advent as well as sending the reflections individually during Advent.

We encourage you to pass these reflections along to others you know who are working for peace in the Middle East. You can either send this PDF document or refer them to

Another way to use this resource is to help you raise your concerns for peace and the people of the Holy Land in your own congregation in your own way or words.

• Offer a prayer for peace during the prayers of the people or ask your pastor to add this to a corporate prayer.
• Put a note in the bulletin or an article in the newsletter about peace in the Holy Land.
• Add a prayer for peace in the Holy Land to your Christmas cards.

CMEP would love to have your feedback on this resource as well as learn how you were able to use it this season. You may send any comments or feedback to Doris Warrell at

This December may the gift of Christ be received anew in all of our hearts.

Click here to go to the Churches for Middle East Peace Advent resources for 2009.