Circle of Hope (2)

Circle of Hope (2)

Doug & Liz Searles – China

August 2005

Teaching English in China not only opens possibilities for cross-cultural relationships. All Chinese students must take an exam in English to proceed to the next level in school.  Without English, they cannot pass.  University, and perhaps even high school or middle school, is beyond their reach.

In China’s Sichuan province, many minorities learn Chinese as their second language at the age of seven.  Children of Tibetan, Yi or Qiang families may or may not receive any English instruction at all.  Many complete six years of school and then become farm laborers or herders.

Thanks to a two-year program sponsored by CGMB, teachers from remote village schools can improve their skills in Chinese, computers, and math.  And, with the help of teachers Karen Haworth and Douglas and Elizabeth Searles, they study English and learn to teach English, as well.  This has a great impact on the prospects of many many minority children and widens the circle of hope.

The Searles in China:
Douglas, Elizabeth and Mickey and Mackenzie