CMEP Alert: Ask Your Senator to Cosponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution

CMEP Alert: Ask Your Senator to Cosponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution

The seven-year Saudi-led war and blockade in Yemen have resulted in what the United Nations has described as one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. Over 16 million people are food insecure, and malnutrition rates for women and children are higher in Yemen than almost anywhere else in the world. Over a year ago, President Biden promised to end U.S. support for the “offensive operations” in Yemen. Despite this promise, the U.S. continues to provide military support to the Saudi-led coalition, directly contributing to the ongoing suffering of the Yemeni people.

Contact Your Senators Now: Ask Them to Cosponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution

Congress must hold the Biden Administration and Saudi Arabia accountable and bring an immediate end to U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Thankfully, Senators Sanders (VT), Leahy (VT), and Warren (MA) just introduced a new bi-partisan Yemen War Powers Resolution, SJRes 56. It is critical your Senators hear from you now before it comes up for a vote.

Email Your Senators Today: Tell Them the US Must End its role in the Saudi-led War on Yemen

Right now, over 21 million people, 80% of the population in Yemen, need urgent humanitarian assistance. Instead of continuing to support the Saudi-led coalition, the Biden Administration must advance policies that will end the Saudi blockade, bring about a nationwide ceasefire, bring stability, and meet the humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people. Congress must reassert its war powers and pass the Yemen War Powers Resolution to end all U.S. complicity in this devastating war.