CMEP Statement on New Lebanese Government and the Economic Crisis in Lebanon

CMEP Statement on New Lebanese Government and the Economic Crisis in Lebanon

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) acknowledges that the current financial crisis in Lebanon represents one of the greatest economic catastrophes of our time. As our Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon stated, “The humanitarian crisis has left the majority of Lebanese in need of food, water, fuel, and limited access to their personal financial resources and wealth. Yet, one of the largest concerns is the geopolitical fallout that could occur and destabilize the already fragile geopolitical relationships between Lebanon and her neighbors.” 

It is within the context of these economic challenges, that CMEP welcomes the new interim Lebanese government formed September 10 under PM Najib Mikati and wishes them all success. The government will have unique challenges in addressing the prevalent corruption among officials.  Simultaneously, the new interim government will need to work to solve the fuel, electricity, medical and Covid19 crises. May the new government pursue all constructive efforts to bring back Lebanon’s economy and to hold elections as scheduled.

CMEP is pleased to note President Biden’s decision on September 7 to release nearly 100 million extra in humanitarian aid pledged in August.

The US government can, and should, do even more to help Lebanon grapple with the problems above, and also make US policy changes that would help Lebanon’s huge number of refugees, more than 1.7 million – – almost a quarter of the people now living in Lebanon, in their efforts to return to their countries.

CMEP also calls on American Christians to pray for the people of Lebanon as they are suffering the most immediate effects of limited resources as a result of the economic crisis. 


*** This statement was edited slightly from its original version on September 24, 2021. 

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