CMEP Action Alert: Urge Lantos Commission to hold a hearing

CMEP Action Alert: Urge Lantos Commission to hold a hearing


Much of the farming land of the small agricultural village of Wadi Foquin in the West Bank (click here for a larger map) has been confiscated by the Israeli government for the exclusive use of Israeli settlers living in the Betar Illit settlement and construction of parts of the separation barrier. The very existence of Wadi Foquin is in question!

Your voice is needed to help raise both theirconcerns to the ears of people in Washington and their hope, because people like you care about their future.

The villagers’ food and water sources are polluted due to raw sewage draining from Betar Illit into Palestinian-cultivated fields and into underground water supplies. Due to the proximity of the settlement and the separation barrier route, the ability of villagers to even reach their fields is severely restricted.

The community of Wadi Foquin is in a similar situation to thousands of other people living in West Bank villages that are in close proximity to Israeli-only settlements and the route of the separation barrier. Churches for Middle East Peace is working to raise the profile of this village as an example of why a just, lasting, and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is needed now!

Urge your member of Congress to encourage the Lantos Human Rights Commission to hold a briefing on these human rights issues happening to the people of Wadi Foquin. 

Your voice is needed to help make the concerns of the people in Wadi Foquin heard inWashington, and to help keep their hopes alive.