CMEP Action Alert: For the Peace of Jerusalem

CMEP Action Alert: For the Peace of Jerusalem

Christians for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Now 

Sign-on to a letter to your Members of Congress and sign-up to tell to them face-to-face to work for a peace that benefits everyone!

Tell your member of Congress that you want them to work for peace! 

As the ripples of change in the Middle East capture people’s attention around the country, it’s essential to let your legislators know that you want them to work for a just, secure, and sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Sign on with others in your community, district, and state to a letter to your legislator calling on them to make working for a negotiated peace a priority in the coming year because peace has benefits for everyone involved!  You can also print out a copy of the letter and get others in your community to sign it at your church, school, or community event.

You can then make your concerns about the people of the Holy Land have even more impact by visiting face to face with your members of Congress or their staff. Your congressional delegation, (your representative and two senators) will be working in your state the week of March 21 – 25 and they will be looking to hear from voters and advocates like you. Let them know that you believe that peace in the Holy Land is a priority by gathering a group to meet with members’ offices.

When your group goes to a meeting with your elected official, you’ll represent everyone who signed on to the letter. Take a copy of the sign-on letter, including signatures to your meeting and leave it with your member’s office. The time is now to let your members of Congress know that you want a comprehensive peace in the Middle East and that you are willing to give your time and energy to help make it happen!

It’s important that you call soon to set up a meeting with your members of Congress. CMEP has a how-to guide for making a successful visit to your local legislators’ offices, including tips for making an appointment, and will provide step-by-step support for you and your group to have a successful meeting. Check out CMEP’s guide for local meetings, and let us know if you are interested in participating in a local meeting. 

Print-friendly copy of the sign-on letter:

CMEP guide to local lobby meetings (including tips on making an appointment):

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