CMEP Action Alert: Framework and Timeline for Agreement

CMEP Action Alert: Framework and Timeline for Agreement

Too many people have already died and continue to suffer because of occupation and war. As Christians living beyond the reach of this violence, we must never give up hope or silence our own voices in pursuit of peace for all Palestinians and Israelis.

We cannot let past failures determine our hope in a better future! Even in these days of Lent we look toward the hope of Easter. So in the results of failures we work for the day of success and the fruits of real peace!

Following the March 17th Israeli elections there will be a new opportunity to change the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Will the U.S. government continue to wring its hands as the occupation continues to be managed and its affects mitigated by foreign aid, or will President Obama take steps that will truly save the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis?

This year a framework and timetable for a comprehensive agreement leading to real peace must be developed by the U.S., Israel and representatives of the Arab Peace Plan or by the U.S. and the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Your voice is essential to insuring that President Obama does what is necessary to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ensuring security, human rights and religious freedom for all the people of the region. Real peace, begun in a negotiated agreement, must be realized!

Without public support for President Obama to take this action the possibility for success is small. We must help him do what is in the best immediate and long-term interests of Palestinians and Israelis, and Americans too.

Click here to ask President Obama to take bold action so that this opportunity is not lost.