CMEP Action Alert: Tell Congress to “Support the Right to Nonviolent Protest. Defend Issa Amro.”

CMEP Action Alert: Tell Congress to “Support the Right to Nonviolent Protest. Defend Issa Amro.”

CMEP_logo.jpgPalestinian human rights activist Issa Amro, faces trial before an Israeli military court on November 5 for his participation in the nonviolent Open Shuhada Street Campaign this past February. According to State Department’s annual report on human rights, Amro’s actions “were consistent with nonviolent civil disobedience,” but Israeli military courts convict in 99% of cases. Stand with Issa Amro and tell Congress to contact the State Department to ensure that he receives a fair trial!

Ask the State Department to investigate Amro’s treatment during interrogation. All individuals deserve to be treated with respect and not fear being threatened or beaten during an interrogation.

Issa Amro is an internationally recognized human rights defender in Hebron, Palestine. Amro is the founder and coordinator of Youth Against Settlements (YAS) – an organization that educates young Palestinians in nonviolent resistance through nonviolent action, media, and advocacy work. Amro is currently the target of an Israeli military court indictment, involving 18 separate charges relating to his activism against the occupation, some dating back to 2010. In September 2017, Amro has also been detained by the Palestinian Authority (PA) for his defense of free speech critical of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. After his detentions, Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) issued a statement in support of Amro. In addition, 32 members of the House and 4 Senators have signed letters urging the State Department to look into his case. These members deserve our thanks and we ask that they issue a public statement in support of Amro as his new court date approaches.

It is crucial that we uplift the voices of peaceful activists, like Amro, by defending their rights to engage in free speech and peaceful protest as they seek a just and sustainable end to the conflict.

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