CMEP Action Alert: Tell Sec. Clinton to reject “legalization” of Israeli settlements

CMEP Action Alert: Tell Sec. Clinton to reject “legalization” of Israeli settlements

Response to the Levy Report by Churches for Middle East Peace

An Israeli Commission wants to make all settlements and outposts legal under Israeli Law.

Your action is needed to make sure U.S. opposition is strong and bold.

Last Monday the U.S. State Department came out against the Levy Committee Report which, among other things, states there is no “occupation” by Israel of Palestinian Territories and recommends legalizing all existing settlements and outposts under Israeli law.

Acceptance of the report as policy by the Government of Israel would undermine years of international effort, including your’s and your church’s efforts, promote and secure a just, lasting, and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As people of hope we cannot stand by while some people within the Israeli government attempt to legitimize activities that stand in the way of peace.

This week Secretary Clinton has the opportunity to personally and in clear terms state U.S. opposition to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s acceptance of this report.

Click here to send a message to Secretary Clinton urging strong U.S. opposition Israeli legalization of settlements.

American policy for eight administrations – under Democrats and Republicans – has been clear: Israeli settlement beyond the Green Line is illegal or illegitimate. The State Department’s spokesperson reiterated that position last week.

The Levy Commission’s report runs counter to Israel’s own self-interest. Its adoption could put Israel on a path to being a single state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, leading to the end of aspirations for a viable Palestinian state and the end of Israel as a democratic state.

Leading moderate voices in Israel have been warning urgently that a two-state solution is essential to Israel’s survival as a both a Jewish home and a democracy.

Adoption of this report would run counter to long-established international law and America’s own national interest. The United States must make its absolute opposition crystal clear.

Together, may we run this race for peace with endurance and bold love.

Warren Clark, Executive Director
Churches for Middle East Peace