CMEP Bulletin: Gaza Electricity: UN Resets the Breaker

CMEP Bulletin: Gaza Electricity: UN Resets the Breaker

Palestinian Authority Halts Payments for Israeli Electricity to Gaza: Israel [Reuters]
According to Reuters, “The Palestinian Authority will no longer pay for the electricity Israel supplies to Gaza, Israeli officials said, a move that could lead to a complete power shutdown in the territory whose two million people already endure blackouts for much of the day. Thursday’s decision was another sign of a hardening of Palestinian Authority policy towards its Hamas rivals, who control the enclave. A Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, called the decision to halt the payments ‘a grave escalation and an act of madness.’”

UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities Releases Emergency Funding for Fuel for Hospitals in the Gaza Strip [UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities]
According to the UN, “To avoid further deterioration, the oPt Humanitarian Fund, led by the Humanitarian Coordinator, approved today the allocation of US$ 500,000 for the purchase of emergency fuel to maintain the delivery of essential services at hospitals and other emergency medical facilities.”

Abbas Ramps Up Pressure on Hamas to Restore Palestinian Authority’s Control in Gaza [Haaretz]
Haaretz reports, “The Palestinian Authority will announce steps over the next few days to pressure Hamas into restoring at least some of the PA’s authority over the Gaza Strip, officials close to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday. The measures are described as punishment of the Hamas government in Gaza for turning down Abbas’ initiatives to restore PA control in the Strip. According to the officials, the Palestinian Authority will slash the health care budget for Gaza; it will only pay for salaries of medical personnel, not for the ongoing management of the health care system.”

All 100 U.S. Senators Demand UN Take Action Against ‘anti-Israel Agenda’ [Haaretz]
According to Haaretz, “All 100 U.S. Senators signed a letter on Thursday calling on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to take action against the organization’s ‘anti-Israel agenda.’ The letter stated that ‘although as Republicans and Democrats we disagree on many things, we are united in our desire to see the United Nations improve its treatment of Israel.’”

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