CMEP Bulletin: IDF Gets More Hawkish?

CMEP Bulletin: IDF Gets More Hawkish?

Avigdor Liberman’s New Job: Control Over Four Million Palestinians [+972]
Netanyahu may have found an opportunity to take revenge on the old IDF elites, but in doing so has put one of Israel’s most hawkish politicians in charge of the occupation.

Israel’s New Defense Minister is a Cause for Concern [FMEP]
Netanyahu has long had an uneasy relationship with the Israeli military and intelligence. He views the military as a tool of the government, and its duty is to enact and support the policies the government decides upon. The military, on the other hand, sees itself as having a key role in deciding Israel’s security needs, and has, throughout Israeli’s history, held an esteemed position in Israeli society not only as protectors but, whether one thinks it justified or not, as a symbol of Israeli ethics and morality.

Rampaging Settlers Use Fake Gun to Sow Panic Among Palestinian Commuters [+972]
Two Israeli settlers use a fake gun to threaten a bus full of Palestinian workers. The police make a quick arrest, yet the media totally ignores the story.

Obama Must Act to Protect Palestinian Youth [The Hill]
Last week, U.S. Representative Betty McCollum (MN-04) initiated a letter calling on President Barack Obama to appoint a Special Envoy for Palestinian Children. She declared, “If we are ever going to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and find real peace, it is critical that these children grow up with dignity, human rights, and hope for a better future.“

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