CMEP Bulletin: International Players Push for Peace

CMEP Bulletin: International Players Push for Peace

Israel Trying to Quash Discussion of EU Document Blaming ‘occupation’ for terrorism [Jerusalem Post]
Israel is trying to prevent an internal EU document blaming Palestinian terrorism on the “occupation” from coming up for discussion in EU institutions in Brussels, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

EU to Push Israel-Palestine Peace Process as Quartet Report Flops [Al Monitor]
Despite cold reactions by both Israelis and Palestinians to the Quartet report, the EU is determined to establish a roadmap for an international conference on a two-state solution process.

Ambassadors Protest at Israel’s Confiscation of West Bank Shelters [The Guardian]
Eight ambassadors to Israel have written to the Israeli military accusing it of breaking international humanitarian law by confiscating shelters for Bedouins in the occupied West Bank that were paid for by European governments.

Without Two-state Solution, Middle East Faces ‘perpetual violence’ – U.N. [Reuters]
“The only alternative (to a two-state solution) that I see is perpetual violence here in Israel and Palestine and entangling this conflict into the broader problems of the region,” Nickolay Mladenov said, adding it would be akin to “writing a blank cheque to violence and radicalism” for generations to come.

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