CMEP Bulletin: Jerusalem Status Quo?

CMEP Bulletin: Jerusalem Status Quo?

The High Stakes Focus On Jerusalem [Israel Policy Forum (IPF)]
IPF Policy Director Dr. Michael J. Koplow writes, “Despite pressure from members of [Netanyahu’s] coalition to alter the Temple Mount arrangements – to open the site to Jewish prayer or to close the Temple Mount to Muslims until further notice – Netanyahu acted in a way designed to deal with the proximate problem without unnecessarily fanning the flames.”

Leaders Appeal for Calm as Protests Continue in Temple Mount Dispute [NBC News]
NBC News reports, “World leaders appealed for calm in Jerusalem as Muslims in the city called for a day of mass protests on Friday, in response to Israel’s decision to install metal detectors at a contested Jerusalem shrine. Several thousand Palestinian Muslims prayed Wednesday evening in the streets near Lion’s Gate, one of the entrances to the shrine that was fitted with metal detectors.”

Palestinian Activism Reawakens in Jerusalem after Holy Esplanade Attack [International Crisis Group]
The International Crisis Group writes, “A deadly attack on 14 July 2017 at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade revealed the growing precariousness of the site’s Status Quo. In this Q&A Ofer Zalzberg, Senior Analyst for Israel/Palestine, says the mobilisation of Palestinians to reverse Israeli security measures around the site could signal a revival of activism in East Jerusalem after years of decline.”

U.S. State Department Faces Cuts, Israeli-Palestinian Peace Programming Untouched [Haaretz]
According to Haaretz, “The projected U.S. State Department and Foreign Operations budget for 2018 includes a deep $5.6 billion cut in funding, as presented by the House Appropriations Committee. One policy issue that won’t be affected by cuts, however, is peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians.”

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