CMEP Bulletin: Moving Toward Peace?

CMEP Bulletin: Moving Toward Peace?

Abbas: We Are Prepared to Discuss with Israel Ending of ‘Mutual Incitement’ [Jerusalem Post]
Abbas told visiting Romanian journalists in his office that he has called for the reformation of the Palestinian-Israeli-American committee for monitoring incitement that was established 15 years ago.

Despite Everything, Abbas Tells Israelis, Peace is Attainable [Times of Israel]
In rare TV interview, Palestinian leader says Netanyahu still a ‘partner’ for talks; PA security forces are preventing knifings; and while there’s incitement in PA media, Israel incites too.

Will a Two-State Solution Be Announced in November? [Al-Monitor]
The US administration is discreetly testing Israeli and Palestinian reactions to three options it is currently contemplating to advance the two-state solution.

Netanyahu Spars with US Senator Over Israeli Army’s Rights Record [Ma’an]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Senator Patrick Leahy went head to head on Wednesday, after the senior Democrat and 10 other congressmen called for the US to investigate the possibility of human rights abuses by Israeli forces.

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