CMEP Bulletin: Occupation is Safe for No One

CMEP Bulletin: Occupation is Safe for No One

Faulting Both Israelis and Palestinians, Report Aims to Revive Peace Talks [New York Times]
Israel should cease its policy of building settlements in the occupied West Bank, stop setting aside land for “exclusive Israeli use” and end the practice of denying Palestinians permission to build homes, according to a long-awaited report released Friday and endorsed by the U.S. Click here to read the Quartet 2016 report.

Israel Okays 800 New Homes in East Jerusalem, West Bank [Times of Israel]
In wake of attacks, Netanyahu says settlements must be strengthened; 600 homes in Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa also approved.

Israel’s Planned Construction Beyond the Green Line Cynically Exploits the Terror Wave [Haaretz]
The construction plans for the Jewish areas across the Green Line should be canceled and plans should instead be developed within the Green Line in Jerusalem. Construction plans for Arabs, meanwhile, should be implemented to relieve the sharp housing crisis among residents of East Jerusalem.

Teen’s Murder is a Reminder that We Are All Settlers [+972]
“The only real difference between an Israeli in the West Bank and one in Tel Aviv is that inside the Green Line we can close our eyes in order to not see the effects of occupation on Palestinians,” wrote Dahlia Scheindlin.

How Can Israeli Leaders Still Argue That Settlements Boost Security? [Haaretz]
It has become clear that the army is incapable of protecting Israelis who insist on settling in the West Bank everywhere at all times.

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