CMEP Bulletin: Settlement Growth Undermines Peace

CMEP Bulletin: Settlement Growth Undermines Peace

UN’s Ban on Palestinian Violence: It Is ‘Human Nature’ to React to Occupation [Haaretz]
Ban Ki-moon says settlements are ‘affront to Palestinian people’ while Israel’s UN ambassador uses ‘terror dolls’ to prove Palestinian incitement.

United Nations Chief Takes Aim At Israel Over New Settlements [NDTV]
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday criticized Israel’s new plans for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and spoke of growing Palestinian frustration after 50 years of Israeli military rule.

Furious Netanyahu Slams Ban Ki-moon for ‘Stoking’ Palestinian Terrorism [Times of Israel]
UN chief: It’s ‘human nature to react to occupation’; PM: There’s no justification for terror, the Palestinians want to destroy Israel.

Israeli Opposition Leader: ‘Peace Will Have to Wait’ [Al Monitor]
In an interview with Al-Monitor, Zionist Camp and opposition leader Isaac Herzog discusses his new plan to restore security while waiting for the right time to resume pursuit of a two-state solution.

France said to Plan Summit with PM, Abbas Attending [Times of Israel]
Paris reportedly hopes Israeli, Palestinian leaders will meet on sidelines of conference on fight against terrorism planned for near future.

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