CMEP Bulletin: Summer and No Water

CMEP Bulletin: Summer and No Water

Is This Another Sign the Tide Is Turning on Palestinian Human Rights? [Alternet]
20 members of Congress released an open letter to President Barack Obama, initiated by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.), on Monday calling for the appointment of a “special envoy” to address the dire conditions Palestinian children are forced to endure growing up under military occupation.

Israel: Water as a Tool to Dominate Palestinians [Al Jazeera]
Israel’s discriminatory water policies also proves that it is using water as a tool to dominate Palestinians, exercise its power, and punish an entire population by deliberately depriving its inhabitants the most basic of rights.

Israel Admits Cutting West Bank Water Supply, but Blames Palestinian Authority [Haaretz]
Israel says region’s intense heat wave combined with Palestinian Water Authority’s refusal to approve additional infrastructure had led to ‘old and limited pipes being unable to transfer all the water needed.’

Stand Up for Sussia and Against Israel’s Demolition of Palestinian Villages [Haaretz]
The demolition came as a surprise, since during Ramadan and other holidays the Civil Administration generally refrains from implementing demolition orders.

Israeli PM Netanyahu Approves Extra $18 Million for West Bank Settlements [Newsweek]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved an extra $18 million in funding for settlements in the West Bank, which are largely considered illegal by the international community.

Settler’s Crowd-fund Construction of Illegal Outpost on Palestinian Land [+972]
After Israeli security forces demolished two structures in an illegal settlement outpost near Hebron, settlers are raising money to rebuild on an Israeli crowd-funding website.

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