CMEP Bulletin: The New Status Quo

CMEP Bulletin: The New Status Quo

For all the turmoil between Obama and Netanyahu, all the poison that’s flowed between them, both will emerge from Obama’s tenure having achieved their respective top priorities from the relationship. Netanyahu successfully held off the intermittent American efforts to broker peace, and Obama got his nuclear deal over Israeli objections.

Netanyahu Reaffirms Palestinian Statehood but Does He Mean It? [Middle East Eye]
In Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed his pledge to make peace with Palestinians – but analysts raise doubts.

What Netanyahu Can Easily Offer Obama on Gaza [+972]
Three ‘gestures’ Israel can easily make that will radically improve the lives of at least thousands of Palestinians — all without compromising one inch on its own security concerns.

Benjamin Netanyahu Ignores Roots of Palestinian Violence — and Betrays His Party’s Founders [Forward]
The nature of Israel’s political debate has changed. Likud ministers, once the ultimate hard-nosed realists, now treat intelligence professionals in much the same way that congressional Republicans treat climate scientists: as alien beings from an alternate reality.

Netanyahu Visit Sparks Internal Backlash at Powerhouse D.C. Think Tank [Foreign Policy]
In a tense internal meeting, staffers of the Center for American Progress criticized the think tank’s decision to host the Israeli leader.

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