CMEP Bulletin: White House Rekindling Peace Process?

CMEP Bulletin: White House Rekindling Peace Process?

Obama May Back UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict [Haaretz]
The White House is exploring the possibility of supporting a new resolution before the president’s term ends, according to the Wall Street Journal, whose report follows a Haaretz article on Israeli concerns for such a move.


Erekat: Kerry Vowed to Veto UNSC Resolutions on Israeli Settlements, Palestinian Statehood [Jerusalem Post]
The document by Erekat, which summarized his meeting with John Kerry in Amman, claimed that Kerry vowed to veto any UN Security Council resolution relating to settlements or Palestinian statehood.

White House Working on Renewed Mideast Peace Push [Wall Street Journal]
The U.S. is discussing plans to revive Middle East talks before Obama leaves office, including possible Security Council resolution, senior U.S. officials say.

Netanyahu Cancels Visit to U.S.; White House: PM Opted Out of Obama Meet [Haaretz]
‘We were surprised to first learn via media reports that the Prime Minister, rather than accept our invitation, opted to cancel his visit,’ angry White House says, after sources at PM’s bureau claimed no appropriate time for meeting was found ahead of AIPAC confab.

Obama Recounts Confrontation With Netanyahu: I Live in the White House, I Know What I’m Talking About [Haaretz]
U.S. president recalls clash in interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, who writes Netanyahu was speaking in an arrogant manner and tried to shift discussion from the peace process to other issues.

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