CMEP Bulletin: Who Contributes to the Occupation?

CMEP Bulletin: Who Contributes to the Occupation?

While Israel suppresses Palestinians from the outside, the Palestinian Authority is tightening its grip and control of political expression in the media, the streets, and even in mosques — all of which is a gift to the occupation.

Palestinian Industrial Parks: Boon or Bondage? [Al Monitor]
The Jenin industrial project is scheduled to start operating this year, with opponents claiming that such projects are in direct conflict with the Palestinian Authority’s goal of becoming a fully independent and sovereign state.

Why Are Democrats Voting for Israeli Settlements? [The American Prospect]
The Customs Bill, set to pass the Senate soon, includes a provision protecting Israeli settlements.

US Condemns Israel’s Plan to Expand West Bank Settlement Bloc [Times of Israel]
The US State Department says adding compound to Gush Etzion will ‘only make achieving a two-state solution more difficult.’

Israel Faces New Brand of Terrorism, This Time From Young Settlers [The New York Times]
The existence of the network, known as the Revolt for the title of its manifesto, became known about six months ago, after the arrest of several suspected members. This latest manifestation of Jewish terrorism is the creation of young extremists rebelling against what they view as the inertia of the Israeli establishment, and it has fermented in lawless illegal Israeli settler outposts like Baladim, a tiny encampment outside Maale Shlomo, and Geulat Zion in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinians Illegally Paving Road Passing through Area C [ynet]
Construction work on a Palestinian road connecting the village of Tuqu’, located some 12 km southeast of Bethlehem, to the Dead Sea continue unhindered even though it passes mostly through Area C, which is under complete Israeli control, and a demolition order has been issued against the Palestinian road.

U.S. Church Puts Five Israeli Banks on Investment Blacklist [Haaretz]
The pension fund of the United Methodist Church, the largest Protestant group in the U.S., makes the move in an effort to exclude companies that profit from abuse of human rights; Officials: Israel will try change the decision.

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