CMEP Congressional Action Alert: The Administration's Peace Plan Must Address the Needs of Palestinians and Israelis

CMEP_logo.jpgThe Trump Administration is gearing up to release what it considers the most comprehensive peace plan for Israel and Palestine ever introduced. Led by Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, the processes behind this plan have notably excluded Palestinian representation. The Administration’s recent actions, including its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its refusal to administer humanitarian aid, already appropriated by Congress, to the West Bank and Gaza, indicate this deal will not address the needs and realities of Palestinians. 

Help to ensure that no peace deal on Israel/Palestine is enacted without Palestinian participation. Call on Congress to pressure the Administration to include the Palestinian perspective in their peace deal.

In order for this plan to be truly comprehensive and sustainable, Palestinians must work alongside Israelis to negotiate terms for a viable resolution to the conflict. Any plan presented by the Administration must include stipulations for policies that guarantee freedom of movement, freedom from fear of displacement, and universal access to Jerusalem and its holy sites, as well as an understanding of the current power dynamics in the region. 

Tell Congress: The Administration should not present any deal that does not ensure security and autonomy for both Israelis and Palestinians.

If the Administration moves forward with a peace plan that does not incorporate the core issues of the conflict, the deal is doomed to fail. Such an outcome will likely contribute to the escalating crisis in Gaza and harm future prospects for peace. 

Take action on behalf of just, sustainable peace in Israel and Palestine!

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