Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia April 27th and 28th

Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia April 27th and 28th


Colombian Churches Invite You to Join Them in the

Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia

April 27-28, 2008


For a Future Full of Hope

Sincelejo, Colombia

February 23 2008


I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.

Jeremiah 29:11


God’s plan for humanity is a plan of life, abundant life as Jesus promised.


Ignorance, fear, distrust and other human circumstances have clouded the judgment of our current world leaders. They have been dazed by their own power and its glow has blinded them. They stumble towards destruction and death believing that they can offer security and peace through violence.


The world lives in a time of confusion; nations and cultures clash. Oppression, hunger, misery and poverty destroy millions of lives. Violence is imposed as conflict resolution and war is presented as a social panacea.


But, as if a flower in a trash-heap or a light in the dark and stormy night, hope is born in the midst of this historic morass and offers us signs of life.


This longed-for hope is the outcry of God’s people. It is a holy energy that emerges from deep within each nation produced by the joining of prophecy and prayer of the worldwide family of faith.


It is the prophetic message, just prayer and active solidarity that enables the Word to become flesh amongst us, realizing God’s plan for abundant life.


God’s power is here, it is active, and it is within God’s people. But just as seeds need water to sprout, Christians require prophecy and prayer to free their power.


It is time to clamor, to prophesy, to pray and to act!


God is once again giving the people of the United States a historic opportunity to straighten out their history and to align it with God’s plans for abundant life. We ask God to grant them wisdom to elect new leaders who live and believe in justice, fraternity, equality, freedom and peace as given to us by Jesus.


They should clamor, pray and advocate for the US Congress to act with wisdom and not approve laws and treaties, such as the current free trade agreement, that would hurt the small farmers of the US and Colombia, widening the gap between rich and poor.


Because the Bible says the prayer of the righteous is powerful, we the people of God in Colombia humbly ask our brothers and sisters of the United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ – who have historically fought for justice – to join us on April 27th and 28th in the Days of Prayer and Action for Peace in Colombia. May we be of one spirit as we pray and act for peace in Colombia, the United States and around the world. May God’s plans become reality.


May God’s peace always keep you restless, vigilant and on the theological leading edge.


Your brother, friend and fellow pilgrim,

Ricardo Esquivia

National Coordinator of the Peace Commission of the Evangelical Council of Colombia


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