Common Easter Prayer of the Churches of North and South Korea

Common Easter Prayer of the Churches of North and South Korea

O,  God who made Jesus back to life as the first fruit of resurrection!

We praise you for that you have broken the power of darkness and death, risen again and open the way of life, light, and salvation.

We give thanks to you for that we believe peace, reconciliation and truth will be accomplished in this history when we are standing and depending on the power of His resurrection, even though our reality is in pain with suffering and sin.

O,  God of History! 

Even through passing the history of 100 anniversary of Japanese annexation of Korea, 65 years of division of Korea, 60th anniversary of Korean war, we have not forgiven, not reconciled, and not embraced the others. Being created by God as one body, we live in conflicts, wars, mistrust and hostility. We now confess our weakness and sin, and ask you forgive us who live in the situation of division and of antagonism.

O,  God of Resurrection and Life!

We pray now that the power of resurrection is revealed in our history.

Therefore let the threat of war, fear of death, darkness of confrontation and division be gotten rid of.

As the wolf dwells with the lamb, the leopard lies down with the calf and a nursing boy plays by the hole of cobra, we pray that you allow a new history of peace on this land in which whole nation of the North and the South get together with its prosperity and fullness of life.

O,  God of Reconciliation!

Help us to get a fruit of reconciliation through in the morning of this Easter sawing the seed of national independence after 100 years, of national unification after 65 years, and of national peace after 60 years on this Korean peninsula.

Lead us to the reunification of the nation with the new history of peace and common prosperity of the North and the South through implementing of June 15 Common Statement(2000) and October 4 Common Communique (2007) by summits of the North and the South.

Allow us, Christians of the North and the South, to see before others what you work for this national reunification and to follow for the first time its way with obedience.

On this day of Resurrection, we sincerely hope that the glory of the risen Christ and joy of reconciliation which you have shown to us are shining on both people and history of this land.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ who is our saver and hope.  Amen.

On Easter Sunday, 2010
The National Christian Council of Churches in Korea
The Korean Christian Federation, Central Committee