Communiqué on the Recent Killings of Christians in Mosul, Iraq

Communiqué on the Recent Killings of Christians in Mosul, Iraq

Communiqué on the Recent Killings of Christians in Mosul, Iraq

[The following statement was issued today:

   Christians of the Middle East have made momentous contributions to the culture and advancement of the region as a whole for two Millennia.  We consider these acts of involvement in the life of the societies in which we live as acts of charity, Christian witness and human duty.  Without our presence much would have been lost for the people of the Middle East which gave the world the Savior of humankind, our Lord Jesus Christ.

   And regretfully during the past few years the Christians of Iraq were constantly targeted by forces of evil carrying devilish agendas.  However, our Christian faith teaches us to persevere against the forces of darkness and to keep creating the good and the beautiful as we have always done in the land of the Tigris and the Euphrates as a component part of the Iraqi society.

   We condemn all wars, conflicts and acts of violence against all peoples and especially against Christian presence in Iraq and particularly in Mosul.  We shall always persevere by doing Christian acts of goodness and become good Samaritans towards all regardless of their religion, denominational affiliation and ethnic belonging.

   At this dire time we call upon the Iraqi government to do its duty by maintaining peace and security for all citizenry of Iraq.  We also call upon the Churches throughout the globe and the people of good will as well to make their voices heard in whatever peaceful and diplomatic means it is available to them.

   And at these terrible times we constantly remind ourselves of the words of our Lord who said “Do not fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul” (Matt. 10:28), and that we can conquer evil acts by acts of kindness, honesty, compassion and prayer.

   This is how we choose to live our lives by doing the will of Almighty God with courage, Christian determination and faithful persistence.

The General Secretariat
23rd February 2010