CONASPEH Expresses Its Concerns on the Threat of COVID-19

CONASPEH Expresses Its Concerns on the Threat of COVID-19

Aware of the weakness of our health system, the unhealthy conditions, and the overcrowding in the country, CONASPEH is skeptical in the face of an adequate response now that Haiti has just registered its first two cases of COVID-19.

Our health system is degrading and failing. How many specialists do we have in the country to manage the medical emergency and prevent the mass spread of this virus on our soil?  The Coronavirus does not need a passport or visa to travel.  CONASPEH invites the population to respect preventive instructions to reduce the risk of the spread of this virus in the country.

The church must also respect the instructions to protect God’s flock, because intelligence comes from God. Matthew 26:41 says, “stay awake and pray.”  Faced with this dilemma, CONASPEH asks pastors to show that intelligence.

At the request of the state authorities, CONASPEH invites the evangelical leaders, members of the National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti, to cancel religious services and meetings with more than ten people until further notice, for the well-being of our members and all Haitians.

CONASPEH implores the mercy of God, to spare our dear Haiti, as it did for the people of Israel to Gosen. Glory be restored to Yeshua


Dr. Francois st Vil Villier
General Bishop

Bishop Daniel Exantus

Bishop St Fort Raymond
Leader of Churches