CONASPEH Recovery Update

CONASPEH Recovery Update

The National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti (CONASPEH) continues to move forward in recovering from earthquake of January 12, 2010.

The National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti (CONASPEH) continues to move forward in recovering from earthquake of January 12, 2010. Global Ministries has received the following update from Haiti.

San Andres K-12 School
School began again in April for San Andres K-12 School on the CONASPEH property in Port-au-Prince. Classes meet under large tents using the property that CONASPEH had completed the purchase of just months before the earthquake. Approximately 620 children are currently in school here. When a school building is completed on campus, the goal is to be able to serve 1300 children at the San Andres K-12 School.

Building News
Other work on the campus has included fixing the wall that surrounds the land and installing a gate and fence to secure the original property. The restrooms were damaged but not destroyed in the earthquake and these have been repaired and will continue to serve the campus. The containers that brought emergency supplies to CONASPEH were initially to be used for temporary office space and storage; however, before the campus was secure, the containers were dismantled by individuals desperate for wood and materials. Other temporary space for offices has now been built.

Work has begun on the foundation of the first new building. It is being built on the site of the original building and will include a memorial to those who died as a result of the earthquake. The building will eventually be used as offices after other buildings on campus are completed. Until then, this building will be multipurpose space in anticipation of CONASPEH reopening many of the programs offered before the earthquake. This and all buildings will be built with a heightened awareness of the structural demands that can be placed on buildings in Haiti. This includes keeping buildings to no more than two floors and using building materials which are better able to withstand both earthquakes and hurricanes.

Welcome Center and Guest House
CONASPEH has secured a house to be used as a Welcome Center, Guest House, and Meeting Place. The house is being rented for the first year with the plan to purchase the home. The property owner has agreed to apply rent payments to the purchase which is a real bonus for CONASPEH. Preparations are underway as staffing is put in place.

CONASPEH still plans to purchase at least three vehicles. The challenge has been finding the vehicles and at a fair price. CONASPEH is now working with an auction house that has agreed to waive their commission and is on the look-out for the type of vehicles CONASPEH needs.

Housing Project
A project to provide more affordable and earthquake-safe housing has been developed in partnership with an engineer. To learn more about this project, see “Haiti Housing Project.”