Course on Conflict Mediation with Young People Provides Inspiration

Course on Conflict Mediation with Young People Provides Inspiration

In the July 2017 newsletter from the Interchurch Center for Social and Theological Studies (CIEETS) in Nicaragua, the following article was shared about a workshop that was supported by Global Ministries and written by Global Ministries long-term volunteer, Magyolene Rodríguez. This article has been translated into English from the original newsletter. To access the full newsletter (Spanish), click here.

Mediation Course “Opening hope, closing conflicts” in San Luis Potosí
Magyolene Rodríguez and Mónica Arias

CIEETStraining.pngWhat is the Mediation Course? It is a course developed by the Pentecostal Church of Chile for youth and young adults of churches who suffer from the problem of bullying. The course contains conflict transformation tools and peace education materials, which help young people face the problems they experience in their adolescence.

The Mediation Course was one of the summer courses offered by the Joint Table of Churches of Mexico, made up of Disciples of Christ churches in Mexico and its members and associates. This course has been offered for several years, however this year, Sister Magyolene Rodríguez (Global Ministries long-term volunteer) was invited to be a facilitator. Also, Sister Mónica Arias participated from CIEETS to receive training in conflict mediation that can be applied to the work CIEETS does in Nicaragua with adolescents and young people.

This summer, 25 brothers and sisters of different ages participated among pastors and leaders who are committed to reproducing these themes with young people in their churches and institutions.

Participants also learned about strategies for conflict mediation and youth development, which are so important to the local church, but has not received much attention within churches. CIEETS thanks Global Ministries who sponsored members from CIEETS to participate in this course. Global Ministries mission co-worker, Elena Huegel, also helped to facilitate this training. 

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