COVID-19 Update from the Church of North India

COVID-19 Update from the Church of North India

Dear and most valued Partners from the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through Global Ministries,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus, from the Synod of the Church of North India.

May he bring mercy, peace, and shalom to all of you at such a time as this.

Spread of COVID-19 throughout the world has come as a big challenge to all humanity. Country after country has come under continuous lockdowns and life seems to have come to a halt. Fear and uncertainty are prevailing – the fear of getting infected, the fear of long quarantines, and the fear of many deaths taking place on a daily basis.

We in the CNI are much concerned about the ever-increasing number of Corona positive cases and deaths in the US and Europe. We are also concerned about the same in other countries including our own. At such a time, we pray for all of you and your wonderful ministry. We pray for the people of the US, especially your doctors, nurses, technicians, police personnel, and other front line Corona warriors that the Lord God gives them the knowledge and courage to defeat this virus. We also pray for all wisdom and courage to your President, Governors, and other administrators who are making decisions to contain the virus.

We are also concerned about the violence that broke out in the US after the sad murder of George Floyd in Minnesota and pray that peace and good sense prevails.
We especially pray for each one of you while you lead the mission given to you for the spread of the gospel of Christ.

I do trust and believe that the Lord Almighty shall keep all of you safe and well. He will certainly use you for glory to His name.

Grace, mercy, and peace.

Yours in His service,

Alwan Masih
General Secretary
Church of North India Synod