Day of Prayer and Fasting for Egypt on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Egypt on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over the past three weeks we have witnessed a peaceful, yet massive, expression of discontent with economic and political conditions in the Middle East, especially in Egypt.  Starting in Tunisia, protests have been manifest in a number of countries of the region, including Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Libya, and Bahrain, and has resulted in some governments taking steps to appease their populations, either in response to, or to preempt popular protests; and others opposing reform.

Global Ministries is following events closely, and is especially keen to share the voices of our partners.  In Egypt, we have relationships with the Coptic Orthodox Church and with the Protestant Churches, including the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services. See a list of our partners here:

This week, the Coptic Orthodox Church spoke to the revolution (

The Protestant Community of Egypt, an official body comprised of and representing the 16 recognized Protestant denominations in Egypt, has issued three statements in the past few weeks, the most recent statement coming Thursday (Feb. 17).  A news story appeared last week on Global Ministries’ website about Egypt, and included links to the previous statements (  In its most recent statement (, the Protestant Community calls for denominations in Egypt and outside “to hold a day of fasting and prayer for Egypt and the families of the martyrs, next Sunday, the 20th of February, 2011.”

We encourage you to join in this call to hold up Egypt, and people across the Middle East, this Sunday, February 20, 2010. Please share this information with the worship leader in your congregation.