Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women

Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women


2012 Update on Chilesso Training School

The Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (IECA) is a longstanding partner of Global Ministries.  Founded in 1980’s, IECA is committed to be an agent of change and development in Angola.  Since the earliest days of its existence, IECA has paid great attention to social development and education.  Since the end of Angola’s 27-year civil war in 2002, improvements have been made in the lives of many people through IECA projects of rehabilitation, education, training, literacy, health, peace, and reconciliation. Such improvements have helped the lives of many and have been beneficial in building relationships between various groups of the church’s people and with Angolan society. 

Yet many needs continue.  There continues to be a severe lack of hospitals and schools. Many rural Angolans were isolated for many years, and their levels of poverty are harsh.  Because of the hiatus in education in rural areas, basic skills and life preparation training were nearly lost to two generations. 

The training of women, especially young women, has been the priority of the Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women, established by the family of former missionaries to IECA, Carl and Lois Dille, approximately a decade ago.  The Chilesso Training School, along with several others, was built and implemented in great part thanks to the Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women, working with Global Ministries. 

Today the Chilesso Training School employs one coordinator, four teachers, and one accountant and carries out its vocational and training programs with local women.  Because of storm damage to the school, some renovation was needed in 2012.  A task force was formed by IECA to meet with the staff at the School and assess the most critical needs.  Technical staff composed of masons, assistant masons, and carpenters were secured and the necessary materials were purchased with funds from the Dille/Dunbar Fund.   A new sidewalk was built between the school and the restrooms to improve access to both.  Excavation was done for septic tanks and the tanks and lids were installed.  New metal doors replaced the old wooden ones and windows were fixed and/or replaced as needed.  Cracks in the walls were fixed and the footpaths around the school were repaired.

Because of delays, interruptions, and unforeseen expenses, more rehabilitation is still needed.  During the coming year the School plans to repaint the building, build walls, place roofs on the restrooms, and install the toilets.  Securing the funds needed to complete this rehabilitation process will continue to be the top priority for the Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women for the first part of 2013.  

The Chilesso Training School has contributed greatly to the training of young women in Angola and will continue to provide education and activities in the area.  Global Ministries continues to welcome new gifts to the Dille/Dunbar Fund for Angolan Young Women.