Disciples in Mbandaka, DRC Hit by Strong Storms

Disciples in Mbandaka, DRC Hit by Strong Storms

schools, church building and homes damaged

My sister Sandra,

We would first like to thank you for your support in anti malarial drugs for populations affected by the epidemic of malaria in Monieka. This allowed us to quickly delegate teams for the Coordination of medical and evangelism in order to provide such assistance and at the same time to console the bereaved families. The report will be sent next week. We inform you that we have a serious problem of internet connection at the General Secretariat, I am sending this message via phone modem.

Mbandaka this morning woke up in pain from the effects of a storm that hit the city and its surroundings for two and a half hours causing extensive damage. We know of at least three deaths, public buildings, schools and churches have suffered the heaviest damage. The Parishes of New City, Mbandaka III, Air Congo, and Mission Bolenge have seen some of their roofs blown away. The homes of our Pastors at Mbandaka III and offices of EP Air Congo also experienced damage. We visited some of our faithful and our agents this morning and we observed the total destruction of at least a dozen private dwelling. Some of the houses of our retirees have been hit not counting kitchens and other structures.

We believe your prayers will accompany our people in Mbandaka, Bolenge and its surroundings. Our Missionary House was not spared and the Boarding School of Nsang’ea Ndotsi where much of the roof was washed away and destroyed the tiles as regards our girls High School Nsang’ea Ndotsi. The children died at the Belgian school and the City when they sought to leave these places to return to their homes. In a panic, they were hit by motorcyclists which were running in all directions as they could not see because of so much rain and wind.

We were unable to contact all of our Posts on Friday as the antenna for the radio of the General Secretariat was damaged as a result of the strong wind. As soon as contact is restored and we have news from Lotumbe, Ingende and other Posts as Moniake and Ifumu we will notify you.

May God bless his people and watch over this country which is starting to experience the effects of climate change here in our Equator province whose forests are being destroyed on a large scale without a good policy of reforestation.

For the CDCC

Révérend  ELIKI Bonanga
Président Communautaire et Représentant Légal de l’ECC/10-CDCC

Note: Global Ministries is responding to this disaster with the help of Week of Compassion and One Great Hour of Sharing. Thanks for your generous donations throughout the year which make it possible for Global Ministries to act on behalf of Disciples and UCC when these type of situations occur.